Our ordination offers you the most modern approach in resolving stomatologic interventions. Our main goal is to provide assistance, quality and fast service with minimal pain in dental interventions

Our ordination has concluded an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia and works with reference prices for the patients who have health insurance

Cosmetic dentistry

Laminates are aesthetic prosthetic compensations by which for short time you can get a very nice smile. Those are thin ceramic tiles that are glued to the outside of the tooth. Because of the material they don't change color by the influence of food or cigarettes.

Roentgen cabinet

We have a modern X-ray room where you can do all the examinations you needs. The use of X-rays is inevitable procedure in high quality dental diagnostics. It is necessary because it provides insights into the parts of the oral cavity which are not visible during clinical examination.

Pediatric dentistry

Regular dental examination (every 6 months) is the least you can do for the health of your child's teeth. From the earliest age it is important to teach children to take care of their teeth and this can be achieved by choosing a good dentist who also knows how to be a good pedagogue.

General dentistry and endodontics

Endodontics is the treatment of teeth in which we are helping you to solve your problems related to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, ie removing the pain and improve your oral health.

Teeth whitening

The whitening of the teeth is a procedure in which by applying dental bleaching resources we get a lighter shade of teeth. The whitening is very popular painless treatment that will restore the natural whiteness of your teeth. In our ordination the results from teeth whitening are visible immediately.

Disorders of the jaw joint and teeth squeaking

Most people are squeaked while sleeping. You perhaps are not even aware of it. The reason is not clear, but is mostly a consequence of stress. If nothing is taken against this harmful habit, called bruxism, it can lead to problems with the jaw muscles and jaw joints and even the loss of some teeth.

Filling (inlays and onlays)

Today we are using the latest nano-composite fillings that meet two basic conditions, have sufficient strength and resistance to '' hold '' forces of chewing while meets aesthetical standards. The new photopolymer materials possess physical properties and optical properties similar to natural teeth.


Dental implants are a modern and effective way to complement missing teeth and are designed to mimic real teeth. They are great long-term solution for restoring your smile. In fact the development and use of implants is one of the biggest benefits in dentistry in the last 40 years.


We offer metal-free, metal-ceramic and ceramic zirconium crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic constructions for restoration of damaged or missing teeth in order to repair, strengthen and beautify your smile. In the case of one tooth is called crown, and if there are more teeth envolved it is called bridge. The bridge is actually a set of several crowns cemented with each other.


Braces help to make subtle changes to the tooth row by applying small amounts of pressure over a period of time. When making modifications, the pressure can cause small discomfort even though it is normal. Brackets can come in different shapes and colors.

Covering of permanent teeth

To prevent caries on the biting surfaces of the teeth, we perform sealing of the fissures of the tooth with suitable dental material. Whit this the unevenness of the tooth is filled and the obtained surface is easy to clean. For this procedure grinding of the teeth is not necessary, making it completely painless.

Fluorine prophylaxis

Fluorine prophylaxis (endogenous and exogenous) is a treatment by which is performed replacing of the ions of calcium and phosphorus in the molecule of hydroxyapatite with fluorine ion to fluorapatite. This compound increases the hardness of tooth enamel and provides better protection.

Total and partial prostheses

Total and partial prostheses compensate the lost teeth and tissue when tooth lost occurs. This type of prostheses are made when there is complete or major loss of teeth. With these compensates, the period of adjustment is longer, so after placing the prostheses, patients should come to a control once or twice.

Vizil prostheses

In greater loss of teeth we produce prostheses classical vizil or vizil combined with bridges, cemented with each other by joints (attachments). This type of prostheses satisfy aesthetic principles and are well tolerated by patients.


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